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Played it and tried to find every outcome

Didn't notice the feet till the last playthrough (even though they're literally in the preview).

In order of endings, I got
Child Soldier - Artificial - Acceptance - Johann - Alien - Activated

It's... a sad game. Interesting. But sad. Kinda hopeful in some places (the child soldier, being thankful for the person who is gone but managed to pull you through life's hardships hit close, as I think I have some kind of PTSD too (from totally different circumstances)). I always got artificial and alien at the same time. Dunharai. It's... interesting. I like how "normal" she felt in the artificial one, asking to meet her maker, and noting other humans feel the same way.
The Johann ending was very sad. I didn't really want to prod around that, but it kept coming. An abusive ex. Laynie was 17 and suffered so much.

Honestly, the activated ending was the one I didn't really care for. The other were all interesting in their own manner, but that one felt... too much?

I don't know. I liked that game.
I think the option to skip text you've already seen and the intro would have helped going through several playthroughs, though.

Also, I was pretty skittish towards removing the teeth and the eye. The eye was easier than I thought, as someone else in the comments said.

Thank you for this game.