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I grew up in rural Montana (not far from the Amplexxus compound) and Obelisk was actually the first video game I ever played.  It was an installation at our local Pizza Hut for years, and I believe ours was the "original" version, as well as the only arcade cabinet version in existence.  It was shaped like an actual obelisk and used to beta test new features & levels.  The version I grew up with featured physical "punishments" geared to whipping poor players into shape -- a blast of foul smelling wind to the face, extremely high decibel klaxons, joysticks that would heat up to the point of mildly burning your skin, it even featured a retractable syringe that would inject your thigh with a clear liquid.  Needless to say, we got good fast.  This newer version is pretty watered down if you ask me, and I will be avoiding it. Two (scarred) thumbs down.