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Ostensibly this is a remake of the excellent 1989 game, though tweaked for a modern audience.  While your first play through will likely match the experience of the original, attempts to balance the game have removed some of the more interesting strategies and quirks that experienced players would rely on.

For example, by not limiting the daily visits to an obelisk, the developers have completely removed the workaround via the dark and light zones, techniques that skilled players would spend many late hours practicing.

The core of the game mechanics are all here, but I question if it has the longevity of the original masterpiece, though it's an improvement on the rushed C64 port.

Also missing are the sunglasses, which weren't integral to the solution, but revealed the hidden 3D elements of the game which in my experience added weeks of replay value.

I'm not trying to diss this production - it remains a brilliant game, and without the decision to trade on the Obelisk name then my review might have been entirely glowing.

Recommended, especially if you haven't played the much loved original.