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Great game! It can be difficult, but it's just the right amount of challenging. Although I thought the final level was a bit more challenging than it should've been, but that could just be because I'm bad. The idea of having your vertical movement confined to a sword is fun and very unique! It can take some time to get used to though, but once you master it, it's really fun to use. I also love how later in the game you get a longer and longer sword. That gets more reach, but harder to use. Also while opening up more advanced levels and platforming techniques. I also like how the game forces you to go through the levels that you already went through. Sometimes they are easier or just flat out skippable, and sometimes you have to change the way you beat the level due to you longer sword. You can really feel like you're using a maxed out character on some level one enemies when going through the first few levels with a long sword. Over all, great and unique game. 7/10