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>I find myself often standing next to the snack dispenser, waiting for enough snacks to refill my stamina so i can go on to the next thing. If i have forethought, I'll scatter some snacks on the floor so i don't have to wait so long next time, like some hamster/squirrel hybrid.
>Does something happen when I go to a ship in distress, kill the zoobs/preform repairs, remove their aircyclers from powered strips, and leave just before everyone suffocates?
>No matter what I "roll" for clothing options, i always end up looking like a divorced high-school math teacher (or English teacher, if female).

Possible Bug:I had a sidequest, to deliver some boxes to a place, but then i got a warp drive and my sidequests cleared so i have the stuff but no idea where to deliver it.

Possible Bug: In release 0.1.8, i think the flying minigame was supposed to change direction based on which way the ship was flying. for me, it still goes "up" no matter where i'm headed.

I love the writing. It makes me look forward to Will Ignore the Galaxy for Privacy, or whatever JM3 turns out to be titled. I'm enjoying following this game's development