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I used something similar like Game Maker (called Construct 2), so a simpler 2D enginge. I think multiplayer won't work now, since I would have to rewrite so much.

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In 2017 was premiere of Construct 3. Why you don't use it?

BUG: In single player jumping on middle button will make you flying when u didn't jump from it.

BUG:  At normal mode u can go into turrent as penguin.

(After using his I he/she jump forward )

Sorry for my English :)

I started my Game already before the announcement of Construct 3. Also, Construct 3 ist WAY more expensive Witz 90€ per year instead of 90€ one-time purchase like Construct 2.

As I am sure that I won't use Construct for that long anymore, it would not be worth it.

Hm, that First Bug sounds interesting, I'll need to test it myself.

The second one is known already, I guess I was too lazy to fix it since it is quite low impactfull. But easy fixable in less than 2 minutes.