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Valiant idea, bad execution.

As of now, the game is clunky beyond belief, it doesn't feel like old shooters, there's just a plain feel of a generic Unity engine-based title.  Weapons are severely underwhelming, the whole combat feels dissatisfactory,  and while I appreciate the gore, it still seems very artificial when enemies explode from a gauntlet hit. Gameplay is rather slow and tedious - it's nothing like in retro fps, where you made use of your speed to outmaneuver and dispatch hordes of enemies on large arenas mixed with tight corridors.  The one level featured in the demo makes me rather pessimistic about map design as well. 

Game also misses some basic features like invert mouse option (very important if your target audience is supposed to be retro players), fov setting, 16:10 screen support or the ability to bind keys. It also suffers from abysmal performance even on a quite powerful PC - which I assume can be partly blamed on Unity, partly on unoptimized assets.

The graphics are neither retro nor modern, they seem like something from TesIV:Oblivion, but with much worse character animations. The built- in pixelize color filtering feature needs work, right now it just produces unintelligible mess rather than simulating reduced color palette.

In the state presented in demo, Apocryph isn't either a modern game with retro sensibilities nor a proper oldschool game. It needs a lot of work and improvements, otherwise it will be just another lowly  shooter with lots of wasted potential, stuck in the limbo of mediocrity.

I sincerely hope it will get better, good luck with the development.