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Hey Keinart,

Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I absolutely adored your game. I'm a big fan of your absurd type of humor and there are 3 or 4 scenes that I fondly remember laughing non-stop, tears in my eyes (That bald guy man). I really appreciate the psychological aspect you put into the characters and your way of telling a good story.

I also couldn't have read it at a better time since it was when I kind of had a philosophical type of breakdown about life in general a few months back. I won't go too into it but the philosophy presented about lies and truths was exactly what I needed to hear at the time so it was marvelous and just what I needed. I'll be rereading it soon with my gf so we can both enjoy it.

I saw that you had your next game planned which I'm super excited to see! I'm an Argentinian Artist and if you're looking for any help with translation English/Spanish or maybe need some assets drawn I'd love to pitch in. Either way I love your work and am willing to pay full price if you're planning to sell it.

Good luck man!

Hello Swordticus, or should I say hola? Si eres argentino imagino que la segunda es una mejor opción pero voy a usar inglés ya que me has preguntado en inglés por ahora ;)

Glad to see I made an impact on you, it's always great to hear stories like that and it makes all the work worth it. Hope your gf likes it too (and well even if she doesn't it's always nice to get feedback at least haha). For my new project we are working pretty hard right now to be able to announce it and don't really need anything "right now" but maybe in the future that may not be the case. Feel free to send me or leave me your portfolio for your art if you want, who knows if I may request you something someday, or at least I always like to see what other artists do (and support them too since I know how hard is to get somewhere in this craft). Or simply feel free to add me to twitter (@Keinart) or something when the time comes. I sure will need all kind of proofreading and testing in every possible language (I actually write in spanish since I'm from Spain myself and then translate to english), so you can count with that at least haha.

See you around and thank you!

Dale! Lo dije todo en ingles para no quedar raro en un mar de comentarios en "English" jajaja. Seguire en ingles mas que nada para que otros podran seguir la conversacion.

I don't want to pry too much but I imagine the pain in the butt preparations for announcing a game would be. I'm guessing it involves things like mainly preparing promo art, a basic synopsis to hook fans in and building a little bit of "hype" around it as much as possible. Maybe even doing some guest posts here and there to get some eyes heading towards your direction.  I wish the best of luck with you on that! You seem to have everything under control and know what you're doing. If you're ever needing ideas on better implementation I can always try to have a stab at it.

As for a portfolio, thank you for your interest! I've done some concept art for clients in the past but since I've only done art as an on and off thing (I'm mostly studying engineering actually) I never built up a full on portfolio. I can send you 2 or 3 samples that I think you'd be most interested in but I don't want to feel like I'm spamming your game page with things that have nothing to do with OTL. I'll leave my email here just in case you ever want to message me or so I can send you the samples. I also added you on twitter :)

If you ever need anything just holler! Money isn't an issue for me and I'd love to take part even if it's just a small little thing. 

Good luck man! Suerte!

Got it! As I said before right now we don't really need anything but I'll keep your email and let you know if something comes up or at least I manage to announce the title. Every little help will probably be appreciate it since we are aiming high this time. Thank you and see you around! Suerte a ti también.