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This is not a game, it is a piece of propaganda designed to impress the creators own political views on people who play it. While the game design itself has a ton of potential until the author gets off his pulpit he is just going to alienate everyone who plays it based on his uninformed views of the world. 



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if it isn't a game then how you play it? -_- Edit: and the game has the word ,,game,, in the title


I agree there limited choices and randomness is you are born guy who always owns paddy field I am certain rice farmers aren't efficiently lucky to get chickens...they get dogs or fish  jeez put some real life values in there if you must stop putting bad air about asian market chicken scandal in there like know I feel somehow if you really want to be less brainwashed in your gain food for thought you should really take up enlightening avenues of reading up on world news that isn't leftist milked to bone where we only hear what they want to say not what opinions actually matter. <- good source of news, I recommend news max if your leftist just getting out brainwaves of submit and dread, 

or here: , I really don't have USA oriented one unless its either Blaze, drudge report, or UK news there only few I go to.