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Literally, I think I'm the only one here who decided to do every boss without taking damage.

This game is just amazing. I really wish you had the MFA file, I am more than just curious how you did all the amazing effects. The gameboy style... the idea of changing the colour tone is quite smart! Sir Doyle looks amazing and dayum, the effects! I have to say Alfro's Afro is just hilarious.

Surprisingly enough, my dad is friends with Beadybox! Amazing game. My dad claims you have taken a break from Fusion games... I hope this game gets a rebirth or a sequel, because genuinely this is one of my favourite games EVER. You know what? I actually got inspired. I made a short and unfinished sequel about a little burger. Also, Reed's music is amazing!

But... questions:

1. Why is Montgomery's theme not in the music test?

2. Where did you find Reed's beaufort tryout? I can't find that anywhere except the .xm!

3. Got nothing wrong with this but why does the game gradually become more related to eyeballs?


Thanks for leaving a nice comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Good luck with your game, too. I'm excited to play it!