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I tried the demo , but the game freezes up when I try to start a new game or try to start the tutorial. I tried pressing all the buttons/ mouse, but nothing would work. The menu worked fine though

The tutorial freezes on this screen:

I bought the game and have the same issue. The tutorial sticks there, pressing F3 makes the character spasm a bit slower, but the game doesn't take any other input. In the normal game it gets stuck the same way when you start a new game, but the character stays in the bed ignoring the keyboard commands.

Same behavior for me... I hear sound effects but the little guy just sits there.

Holy cow! Thanks for the report, I'll be patching this immediately.

It works now!

The demo is pretty fun, although also super confusing, but I guess it's supposed to be intentional

I got to the tombstone boss 3 times and kept on getting this error that would crash the game:

Whew, that's a heck of a day 3 bug. Squashed and updated, thanks for the heads up.