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Update #8

Ive made Linux and Mac versions of the game. I've also fixed a few bugs/errors (I may add more to this list in the coming hours):

  • The slider in the settings menu is intractable now
  • You can press enter on the keyboard, when you are on the console, rather than pressing the button named "enter".
  • Some "module" buttons on some levels were not working. That's now fixed.
  • The exit button on the repository is now visible and you can press "ESC" to go back to main menu. You can also press escape from the Playground scene to go back to the main menu.
  • There were some errors where both the "winner" and "loser" pop-up messages become visible. This is fixed now.
  • The game does not pause at the end of the levels now. 
  • All UI elements now fit on the screen and gets scaled according to the size of the window.

Currently known bugs:

  • The game doesn't save your resolution settings. Possibly something to do with the script.
  • The resolution drop-down has multiple options of the same resolution.
  • Some buttons are missing in Playground mode.

Post-jam goals:

  • Creating a refresh button
  • Further polishing the UI
  • Adding voice-overs
  • Creating more levels (dependent on user feedback)
  • Creating a level editor/maker.