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mi pilin pona tawa musi ni tan ni:
ona li pona lukin, taso, mi la, sina ken suli e sitelen pi musi ni
toki lipu li pali e pilin pona tawa mi, mi wile sona e ale tan ma ni!
ijo ante insa musi ni li pona.
taso, musi ni la, ijo ike li lon:
jan lili li tawa sama kon, ona li musi ala tan tawa, ona li ike tawa mi
taso, mi pilin e ni: sina ken pali e musi pona tan ni: mi luken e musi ni, mi lukin e muis pona lon tenpo kama.
o pali pona! mi wile lukin e musi sina sin!

I like this game overall
The art is pretty good, although it can be improved
The story is intriguing, I want to know more!
Some of the mechanics are very creative and cool.

However, I've a few negative things to point out too:
The character controls are very floaty and unnatural, I feel they can be improved a ton, since there is some challenging platforming (for me) in this game.
Yeah, some of the platforming is very inconsistent and unnecessarily challenging, at least for me.
Some of the art doesn't look too good, but it's possible to look past this.
Also there was some strange wording in the toki pona translation, but that might just be me.
One more thing that I couldn't translate to toki pona, I couldn't figure out what flipped gravity for a pretty long time, so I was stuck with it for a significant chunk of the game.

Nevertheless, I can see that you are clearly capable of making an incredible game, I can see it becoming a fun experience, and I want to play it once it's finished, I do.
Good luck on your journey, I'm looking forward to you releasing the next version!

I can provide more criticism if you want me to, just let me know!