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Update # 7 - Final Update (Hopefully)

Last time I said i'd just finish off with adding audio but I got a bit carried away. I'm enjoying making this jam too much so I added a few things more:

  • End-level boss fight (no screenshots - don't want to give too much away)
  • bouncing sound effects + other sfx.
  • Settings menu
  • Playground mode - to familiarize yourself with what all the functions can do. This possibly can be extended to a level editor in the future post-jam.
  • Minor infrequent elements of horror. My niece didn't get scared though when she was playing the game :( 
  • Dynamic saving after level completion. Dynamic loading on application startup - using JSON. However, I feel like i need to check on  different computer to see if this works 100%.
  • Title screen animations
  • Thumbnail to display on
  • Fixed several bugs.

Building the game was difficult and Unity was not allowing me to deploy the game as a standalone application. Thankfully, the community and discord helped a lot during the whole process. Thanks guys!!

The game will be published soon, after I've done one final quick overview checks for bugs of the build. This will, by no means, be a finished product. I will be expecting bugs and I may intend to keep polishing this game post-jam.

I will regard this as my first ever game that I've built. There will be more to come.