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Update 7: Crunch
Is this what Crunch feels like? Though the end of submissions for the Jam is on Saturday, I'll be leaving on a short vacation on Friday. Thus my deadline is closer to noon on Friday.

Yet there is still so much to be done... I feel the pressure of the deadline. 

Worked on finding a good color palette as well as font for the game.  I decided to go back to the original palette and cut the idea for the changing backgrounds. Also found out how to add emphasis to certain lines of text. Here's what it looks like now.

Also I'm working (very last minute) with an artist to procure a few pieces of art. Hope she comes through. If not I'm sure things will be okay too.

I'm also in the process of going through the game and editing parts that I find are tough to play or don't flow naturally. This mostly means rearranging passage links to provide a more meaningful emphasis. For example in the sentence "I'm going to the kitchen".  The player should not be clicking on "I'm" to progress but rather "kitchen". Unfortunately some of my early decisions don't really make intuitive sense to the player in this manner. 

I'm also editing for grammar mistakes and general readability. If something is unclear or ambiguous for example, I've been going through and making changes as necessary. 

Last thing I want to do is add some more flavor regarding the look and feel. I want to add drop caps like I mentioned and maybe further tweak the setting. I also need to work on a title screen/icon for the game. Thankfully I already have something in mind.

Other Random thoughts.
As people finish it feels like there are fewer people stopping by to give feedback? Or perhaps they're also heads down working on their games. Haha. Good luck to everyone who's working on finishing. :) Looking forward to playing everything.


I think it's just that some people are crunching and other people have to quietly drop out of the jam - I wouldn't worry about it. Your game is shaping up very nicely! I think the colours are fine - I can't think of a good palette that would be both readable and breakfasty, anyway.