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I would give this concept game a 8/10. It is a good concept and the story progrssion seems draws the player in.

Take out the 1 and the 9 keys from the game, or inform users of what they do. 1 is to fall to the ground or glitch through floors, and 9 is for getting a debug tool and is used to get crystals.

This game is fairly good for being in dev. Some of the few things that were anoying as i played were:

After death the cursor is stuck in the center of the screen and canot be used in menues. To fix this issue a reset of the game has to be done.

Falling mementum is maintained through the grab ledge animation and if the fall is to a lower platform you wont grab on.

The penalty of loosing half of your crystals on each death is brutal if you want to grab upgrades, tone it down at the begining and at higher levels increase the % of crystals taken.

Scroll can be used as a view hack as you can zoom past the character model indefinitel. 

Some of the object text is not translated.

If the player jumps twards an invisible barrier at a 90 degree angle y velocity is frozen and the player can still move along the x and z axis as long as player movement stays dirrect at any angle twards the boundry. 

In some cases froward momentum was maintained after landing from a sprinting jump.

Polaris shots are hard to aim along the y axis as the shots seem to come from the player no mater where the camera zoom level is.  Also in polaris mode the camera angle canot be tilted to a low or high enough angle at some points.

I know this is just a concept, but i also was looking for "bugs". Overall the concept is good and I could see a more indepth puzzle/ adventure/ combat game.


Really good feedback. Thanks a lot! 

Next update will be available soon with those issues fixed. 

Your suggestions will be taken in consideration for sure!

Thanks again!