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Update 6: Color Palettes
Super Quick update with what I've been working on. Difficult to find time as I've also been busy running errands.

Been playing around with CSS and different palettes. Was originally thinking of changing the background as the player progressed through the storyThe idea is to have a visual representation of progress as well as represent the sun as it rises in the mornings. After implementing, I couldn't find a good set of colors and personally found the transition to be too distracting from the more intimate moments of the story. I decided to cut that.

Then I was left with finding an appropriate color palette between the text, the background, and the links. I swapped from the original purple to a navy blue type theme. But again I find this to be off a little bit. I think the tone it communicates is a little strange. I may go back to the original color scheme of purple on orange text. Not sure yet.

What do y'all think? :/

Also playing around with font choices and small graphics. I may ask a friend if she has time to draw some things for me. Otherwise I'll likely work on it tomorrow.