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I don't know where to start I love this game its very simple yet fun and intense, my favourite map is sword beach as it has bunkers and a great spawn area. The gun play is good but saying that you need to fix the fov because every time I aim my arm bugs out I also think at times wow for a game on Itch the voice acting isn't that bad but really I'll be honest it seems like there is none at times I can be in a firefight with 20 men on each side and all I hear is 1 or 2 guns going of and no dialogue I just think it would make it much more intense to have guns going of and yelling the german voice sounds casual like its a game of poker not a war the ai needs slight improvement but other than that this game is the best game I have ever seen on (Other than ravenfield nothing beats that) anyway this game is great and I love it keep it up and this can become a great game for now though I know that you need money for development but I really think for now it should be free (Also any d-day map at more shuttles BUT to have good fps kill off most of the other people in the shuttles and leave a bit alive kind of cinematic)