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I loved playing this so much! The fighting controls and animation were really cool! The character and background scenery were beautiful and cute! One thing I want to point out though. Some of the collisions were a little inaccurate, and one bug I kept running into is while I was fighting I would get hurt, but then it would freeze the character from moving, forcing me to exit and restart the game. I hope you find a fix to this and I look forward to playing a more developed version of this! (and even the final version ;)   )


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Thanks i'm working right now to find this bug.
edit. I've found the bug thanks

Well, it doesn't happen EVERY time I get hurt, but usually it'll happen when I'm trying to do an air attack (smashing them on the head, or shooting them) and then I'll collide with the enemy. I'll get knocked back and then Piko will freeze. After that it won't let me move out of her knock-back state. I'll play the game again (Cuz it's fun anyways ;)  ) and see if I can give you any more details!