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Update 5: Writing Complete

Writing Update
I finished writing out all the sections! Huzzah! I would still like to go over them in game and see how the pacing feels. But overall I'm feeling good about the content of the writing.

In the end, I have 3 endings, and 4ish narrative paths that you can progress down. Two of them end the same way. If you look at the final narrative's structure, it's fairly linear towards the end. This is intentional as I wanted to focus in on specific areas of worry for the protagonist. 

It's turned out to also be more complex than I would have originally imagined. But I don't think that's a bad thing! It's certainly been a growing experience writing in this manner. 

Some other smaller points of polish that I would like to iterate on throughout the week. 

  • Where to put links. In Twine, the way to progress is typically by linking passages. It's interesting to think about what words to use as links and what that communicates to the player. I think these are a rather natural way to emphasize certain ideas. I think as well there are some areas in which I can do it better. 
  • More texture/flavor/world building. Though I the linearity in the second half/end is good I want to go through and add more details by linking to other passages.
  • Fixing Grammar, Word Choice, Clarity, etc... This can always been improved. 

Updates on Mechanics
Or, I suppose more specifically non narrative game stuff. 

I implemented a save system into the game!

It works by checking for the variable $x and "Save A" file at the start of each game session. $x is immediately altered to be 1 after the player begins the first narrative section.  "Save A" is the save file that is updated at major narrative points. I believe twine saves this information as cookies? If the player has played at all and $x is 1, then the game should proceed to load the save if the player chooses.

Overall, it's fairly rudimentary but my goal is just to give players a way to leave the story and come back where they left off. I don't plan on making it robust enough such that players can "game" their way into discovering the different endings. Honestly, I don't think my game is complex enough for that kind of play.

Next Steps: Polish + Graphics
There are few things that I would like to polish. Reading the Postmortem of Will Not Let Me Go by Stephen Granade has given me a lot of ideas in this regard.

  • More uniform fonts. Particularly links.
  • Drop Caps to mark player's progress through the story.
  • Light Graphics. My unfamiliarity with the both art and also implementing graphics into twine makes me hesitate on how much I should lean on this.  Will definitely do a pass on the overall aesthetics (colors and font).

Thanks for reading! :)