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Really loved this game!! Sadly a bug (I think) kept me from making it to the end, but I still enjoyed the journey immensely. :) Such a clever concept! Hope your Kickstarter reaches the goal, I'd love to see what you can come up with with proper funding!

Could you please confirm that all of the music featured in this game is public domain? I've gotten a copyright claim for the recording of "Barcarolle No. 1 in A Minor" featured in the game.

Music was listed as public domain on the site where I found it... But I guess that doesn't necessarily mean it is...

Could you link me to the site you used please? :-)

Not a bug! You were 3 sins short in total, 1 short of being allowed to progress :( Nice vid Though! thanks for playing

Ohhh ok! Why couldn't I click anyone any more though? It wouldn't let me interact with anything. :-( Dang if I had just laid at that tree longer I would've gotten sloth! So close :P

My bad! That totally was a bug at the end :S I am a terrible person.. Here's that link - :)

Lol!! No worries!! ;-) Btw- I disputed the copyright claim and provided them with the link to the music site you gave me, and they lifted the claim within a day! Just in case any other Youtube folks run into the same issue. ^^