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Good news, the game now has a title: Stormtouched

I'm not gonna talk about its meaning too much here. I already did on the Discord, and I'm hoping the story will make it clear enough as it is read.

Besides this, writing is going along well. I tend to have a hard estimating how long a finished game is going to be, and consequently, how much is left to write, but I've probably written between a third or a half of the game so far.

And finally, I've spent all my writing time today massively rewriting an early portion. They say you shouldn't get too attached to an idea and I guess they are right because I decided the game would work better if I cut one of the two secondary characters out of the story entirely and instead fused their role into the remaining one. Because of this, I had to rewrite a lot of exposition, but I already think it works a lot better, with less unnecessary info to dump on the player, and putting more emotional connections with the narrator's feelings. Plus, the remaining character has a lot more leeway for appearing regularly (and now has more personality), and this will help me set things up for the main characters when needed for the rest of the story.