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Update #4: Levels and Functions

I made yet more UI stuff. To facilitate progression from one level to another I made a mock-up of some pop-up messages. One to say you've completed the level (module) - the other to say that you haven't or did something wrong.

In addition to this I made roughly 5 levels which gives you an idea of what each function does. It'll take less then 5 minutes to get through this levels. I've made 5 more levels which are more challenging and can take an 30 secs to 3 minute to complete. So that is 10 in total.

I've also updated the lists of functions and what they do. Note that the ones I have crossed out have been abandoned I felt that they didn't do much in terms of gameplay:

  • VIEWPOS() : When combines with F (false), inverts the screen. With T, reverts back no normal screen position.
  • TIMER() : combines with a number and freezes time for that many seconds.
  • TIME(): makes everything fast by a factor of the number it collides with.
  • MONO() : when combined with T, turns the screen black and white.
  • SIZEDWN(): Combines with a number and reduces the size of all containers by a factor of that number.
  • SIZEUP(): Direct opposite of SIZEDWN()
  • PHYSICS(): Increases gravity in-game when combined with T. Reduces it with F.
  • VIEWX and VIEWY: Moves screen in x and y position.
  • DESTROY(): Destroys itself as well as the other variable it makes contact with.
  • STORE(): Destroys the other variable it makes contact with.
  • MUL() : can combine with a number and produce multiples of that number. For example MUL() 9 will produce nine ones.
  • ROT(10) : Rotates everything by the (collided number X 10) degrees clockwise.
  • MINMZE(): Can combine with T, to minimize the panel that it occupies.
  • RES(): when combined with a number, it pixelates the screen. The lower the number the more pixels. <-- NEW
  • EXIT()

I've always found handling Unity UI/GUI, Unity events and combining the two most difficult and this was really important to progress from one level to the next.

Thankfully, with the help of Unity documentations and one or two tutorials I've managed to make something work. Through this process I have developed and understanding and appreciation of events through Unity as well as C#. So its been a huge update for the game!

Thanks for reading.