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Today was a bit quieter but nonetheless: 

Let's kick today off by looking at where the build of the game is at. 

It's crazy what a little art and a font change can do, huh? The clock functionality is in as you can see in the top right corner, and I'll be posting videos of this in action as we get closer to a finished product.

The kitchen features tabs for keeping track of the orders from customers in the top left corner.

As Iris and Banrabbit begin to create UI elements, they'll be added to the build.

Iris and Banrabbit began working on the second mainline character, who you'll see soon enough ;) I can tease a bit though; she's not human.

Tibby created and Myserval transcribed into the computer the theme for that same second character, which you'll also hear soon enough ;)

Myserval worked on some UI sfx, including page turns, saving, and various fanfare.

Tibby finished day one dialogue for Heather, our first mainline character.

Sweetheart, I know you must be starstruck but try to keep it together. Surely you recognise me? Heather Brawen, politician. Remember - Branwen can win.

I'll refrain from posting the whole thing in here so you can read it for yourself when you play the game, but trust me, it's great! She also worked on day one for that second character ... I really should just introduce her ... don't get too blue though!

We're definitely getting to the part where I've gotta be careful what I show, but today I just genuinely don't have much to show you guys other than to just say "X did this, Y did that" so hopefully you weren't looking forward to anything huge!

also no dog. Yeah I know, I'm disappointed too

Thanks and I'll see ya tomorrow!