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Hey there, 

thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed feedback post, I really appreciate it!

Some of the points you make are very common feedback I get (such as difficulties in the platforming sections and parts of the game being a bit too dark). The fixed camera angle is both a result of the (time-) constraints of the game jam, but also a choice of mine to frame the view in certain way at certain points. After reading a lot of feedback from players I now see where and why this can cause frustration in gameplay and the will to explore the world next to path the player is supposed to take. Sometimes when you fall off the cliffs and die and the camera follows the player you can see that there isn't really anything down there, as there isn't really anything behind the camera as well. Building all that in the timeframe of a gamejam would probably impossible or would result in an overall more uninteresting world I think, so I went with the current solution and tried to make the best of it. But I share the opinion that this game would have been better with a free camera.

Regarding the boat ride: you mentioned that you downloaded the game when you first saw it on the main page?Chances are that you played the first uploaded version that has since been updated. Specifically the issue with the boxes was adressed, you now can also hide from the second searchlight by crouching behind the boxes, like one would expect. :) I also made the first platforming part significantly easier (at least I think) and removed a few places where people got stuck in an infinite fall animation. 

What I'm really not sure about is the resolution thing. It works for me on my system and I haven't heard back from other people having problems with that. This doesn't mean that this is a specific issue on your system, but I don't really have a good way to test it on many systems, unfortunately. 

Thanks again for the feedback!