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Update 3: Implementing Player Choice + More Writing
Another Short update about how I'm incorporating more choice within the player and progressing on the writing.

More Writing!
Not much to say here except that as I've been writing, I've begun to lay out a clear beginning, middle, and end sequence. As part of this, I've outlined everything the themes and plot points that I want to flesh out as well. As it turns out writing writing things down and planning narrative has been very helpful.
I've also mostly finished writing the beginning of the game! This section I've laid out as everything before the player makes the selection about what to make for breakfast.

Player Choice
As I've been writing, I've been keeping in mind my goals listed earlier about providing interesting player choice. I think my goal with writing the game is not to empower the player to alter the narrative, but rather to satiate player curiosity. That is to say, the choices of the player ultimately do not change the story: it's not as if choosing "burrito" somehow gives the protagonist +10 intelligence, but rather optionally allows the player to further explore parts of the narrative: why the apartment is messy, the fridge empty, etc.
Overall these alternative routes have been really fun to write. In my writing, I've added a lot of complexity to the game and additional narrative that the player can choose to pursue. Here is a visual representation of beginning section of the game looks like now:
Beginning Arc

I've focused in on the "make" passage which is when the player is presented the option of what breakfast to make. Ultimately there is still only one choice that progresses the story, but the player is rewarded with more in depth writing and insight into the protagonist's life by choosing the other options. "post" is also a little post game Easter egg about making a burrito that I plan on incorporating.

This is compared to what the same section looked like a few days ago:

Early Version of the Beginning Arc

It's less interesting to play through like this. In the "make" passage, there are several options that simply lead to "no".

And that's it! Thanks for following.