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ALllllright  ..... DAY 4!

We're really starting to make some solid progress! Today, quite a bit got done (for a weekday of course) - and we'll start with today's character; Heather.

To quote our character design document, a mythic bitch. Sassy, snarky, quick-witted and ‘opinionated’


She's a great political leader running for office in the election .... but she's sorta racist. Erm, speciesist? ...... She has some old-fashioned opinions towards other species. Here's the conversational art for her (animated, too; oooooh!):

And here's her counter sprite, created by Banrabbit:

That's how she'll look sitting at the counter, more or less. She'll have multiple emotion states depending on how she's feeling. 

Speaking of the counter, here's Iris's finalized backgrounds for the counter and for the kitchen screens.

Pretty sweet, huh? 

Alright next up, audio. 

Myserval took to odd sound tactics (aka foley) to produce some food and counter sounds. M&Ms, sprinkles, plates and breads all went into the sound blender and came out sounding pretty convincing. Here's all of the final sounds, back to back in less than 30 seconds:

Oh, and foaming handsoap too, for some of the creamy sorts of sounds.

Our programmer made some headway on planning out the cooking mechanic. The recipe system  is already in the build of the game, so whatever we decide on in regards to a mini game should fit within that system. Also, we'll have to work on how exactly the whole mini game fits in in the context of the game, so it's not just some tacked-on time filler. 
That being said, though, we're planning on the prep method changing the mechanics of the mini game a bit, like the fridge vs a shaker.

Anyways, thanks as always for reading and I hope to see you here again tomorrow for another weekday

More dog! ^^