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Update 2: Writing
Quick update this time on  answering some of the questions I posed before as well as sharing some progress.
Narrative Development: Who is the game for?
In short, I've decided that this game will be mostly for me and my own sake.  This game jam, and making games in general, should be an enjoyable experience! Rather than being concerned about the reception, I'm going to focus in on telling my particular story. Deciding this, as it turns out, has been a fairly liberating experience. It allows me to be more personal and specific with my writing. It also frees me from the self consciousness I've been feeling about whether the writing is "good enough" or the story is "interesting enough". I am hoping that this leads to more detailed world and compelling game to play through.
This naturally also answers a lot of other questions about tone, narrative structures, etc.
Progress on Writing
I'm doing a pass on all the writing in the game to flesh out details. I've also finally organized a text document where all the writing can be viewed and worked on apart from inside Twine. It's been really challenging and rewarding finding different ways in to add texture to the world. I've also found that utilizing (click:) is a really clear and simple way to slow the player down and pace the story.
Here's an example that is from the first passage I shared about entering the kitchen.

Also quick shout out to all you awesome folk for taking the time to follow the log and offer input/support. It really means a lot to me. The community so far has been incredible.