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You're thinking a lot about narratives and player choice in Twine, which is fantastic, and very promising for your final game. I guess the risk is that too many false choices will start to annoy the player, which may be exactly what you want, of course. Have you ever heard of the game Rameses? I haven't actually played this myself, but this is a work of interactive fiction that ultimately doesn't let the player do anything at all - it might be worth reading through the reviews if you're not familiar with this game, maybe? A few months ago there was also a Twine game called Will Not Let Me Go, which I did play and thought was very good, where you play through a few domestic scenes from the perspective of an Alzheimer's patient, leading to a few false or unpredictable choices.

Good luck with your game - hope your writing goes well!

Thanks for the encouragement!! :) I'll definitely be checking out your recommendations! I'm actually fairly new to the IF genre itself. I'm interested in learning what other people before me have accomplished and what techniques they have used.