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check out my hammy home with that link :>

u  put so many hamptsers it was like fps 1 ping 6000. and imagine having that on a chromebook and i just did

laggg and also its really cool. but still lag but cool but lag but cool but lagg but cool

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I'm not sure why it's performing poorly for you.   I wonder if hardware acceleration is turned off.  Check chrome://gpu

Works fine on my cheap lenovo chromebook.

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well if you put it that way then leveno is better than a school chromebook. and  every day i get on it boom fps 2 ping 69 then it works perfectly when i dont have any tabs open.


works on mine too no lag at al

Thanks @fuzzhusk for sharing your hammy home.  You showed me there was a bug with placing the bridges in cages which is now fixed.

oh i liked that with briges it looked cute