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Update #1 - Early Days

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (depending on where you are) fellow GameDevs. I thought i'd give an update of what I've done so far.

I have created some simple assets to be used in my game. I have also made a simple prototype where I can test out the gameplay mechanics.

Meet the Functions:

Meet the Variables

Some screenshots of the work so far:

Mul() {5} produces more containers:

Rot(10) {5} rotates the screen by 50 degrees clockwise:

ViewPos() {F} inverts the screen.

Timer(){5} pauses everything in place for 5 seconds and Destroy() {F} destroys itself as well as F container.

Each level will contain a mixture of function containers and variable containers. The aim of the level is to clear the field of containers, then you can progress to the next level.

However, you will be unable to progress if you combine a function container with another function container or an incompatible variable container. In such cases an error message will appear onscreen and you would have to restart. An example for an incompatible combination would be Timer() {F} or Mul(){F}.

In terms of the function-variable combinations - I am more or less finished with most of the ones listed above. One or two will need more time like MinMze() {T} which is supposed to minimize the in-game application.

If you have any ideas of functions and/or variables that you think would be a good gameplay mechanic, let me know and i will try to implement it in this game. If you have any questions regarding this soon-to-be-made game, I'll be happy to answer :).

Thanks for reading and Happy Game-making!