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Hi there,
yesterday I stumbled (here) over this litte game and I like it   :D

Some thoughts:

  • Nevertheless, although playing on 'easy', it feels like loosing all the time   ô.ONot sure if (1/5) on easy is the supposed win ratio there   ;-)
  • Why can't I choose to have the turn? Feels like I'm always starting second place.
  • Once lost I'd like to review the game to find flaws in my personal game play, but the session is over - no possibility to find my faults (when did I start to loose).
  • Playing solo against a bot an (infinite) redo would theoretically be possible, isn't it? I'd love to have that   :)
    Saying infinite, I mean even back 1 or 2 turns before.
  • If I chose to attack using a Knight and ther is only one enemy to be hit, after doing so there is no second hit to be distributed. Still the game feels like there was still anothe raction left to be done (attack a second time vs. ending the turn).
    This differs from all the other actions and feels weired.

Anyways, as said before, good job, thanks   ;-)

I'm playing via Steam and look forward to a (paid) app on android    :D

Best wishes   ^.^