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I'm not yet a popular game developer or a member of the gaming press, but I'll respond so you're not typing into the void.

Was a press release necessary for a title like this? It might be good to assume that nobody's gonna read more than a line. Instead of a cover letter I would want to be taken right to a nice, brief webpage where i can watch the trailer and grab the game at the same time.

Also, the trailer makes the game seem bland. The music may work for the thinky sections of the game, but it's plodding for a trailer. In the beginning the trailer holds on a still frame of the woman in the yellow jumpsuit for four whole seconds. That's WAY too much time to have nothing happening (this sort of thing feels like an issue throughout, imo). Also, the trailer makes it seem like there are no sound effects in the game. The card concept is cool, and some nice card flipping and playing sound effects would have been pleasing audio.

The concept of interrogating witnesses through a card game is neat though! Something that i think would have added a lot is different visual reactions from the witnesses depending on your questions (Have you played Phoenix Wright?).

Cheers and best of luck selling your game!

Yay, my first reply :)

Well, the press release was quite concise and pointed the reader to the website and presskit. I think if one were to just link to a website it would seem a bit lazy.

Good feedback regarding the trailer. I think its difficult to make a turn based game seem exciting and I probably should have used a faster pace. I kept it slow to make sure everyone would be able read the text and understand eveything.

And good point regarding the facial expressions. That's something I had planned early on, but lost track of the idea somewhere during development