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OKay okay okay, this is gonna be pretty long for the first day so bear bare with me.

Alright so we kinda did a lot so if you're here for the pretty pictures ill get those out of the way and then you may go.
Our artists, Banrabbit and Iris were hard at work creating mockups for desserts and characters

I feel the need to break up the pictures with meaningful text but I cant think of anything so ....... 

You'll meet our first character tomorrow but for now all I can say is that he ........ rocks....... thats not even a pun on his name or anything he's just a real cool dude.

Our writer Tibby  got a solid feel for the personalities of the 8 characters and began working on the many (MANY) different endings you can achieve with the smattering of characters.

And after a long discussion and debatably too many strawpolls (though you cant have too many strawpolls)

we decided on MC's name and attributes ... i think

we did right guys

okay I think its Tegan. Yeah Tegan, who's snarky and fun, a little sarcastic but optimistic and kind.

We started talking about character races and design choices for them and Banrabbit drew up this design for an alien race: 

Banrabbit and Iris also chiseled down the desserts to a tentative 25 or 23

And finally, banrabbit the mighty un-resting boy made this:

And with that, he rested. 

Lastly but not leastly, our programmer began putting together the first build of the game, complete with lovely placeholders and everything:

And here's all the implemented features for those of you who are boring (jk love u)


making decisions is hard

And none of this would have gotten done had the team not shared cat and dog photos in our brainstorming channel parody channel called the Dog Cafe .... what a concept

Enter the DOG CAFE
Click above for the full album :)

Thanks all for reading and I'll see you tomorrow with an update on the music and audio in the game ... hopefully

-Myserval <3