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Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a long comment. <3

LOL Omg we're so so sorry for all the trouble the game gave you! ;_; But we're so glad it managed to work for you in the end and you thought our game was worth it. Thank you for the compliments on the art! We are indeed very lucky to have Elzee as our Character Artist.

We're also super pleased to hear that you enjoy the premise of the story. Ahh so glad you liked Snow <3 He definitely is a rogue prince LOL As for Charming going head to head with his step-mom... be careful what you wish for because you just might get it ;)

Btw,just a note, Prince Snow is actually based off Snow Queen, which is mentioned in teensy letters in his char profile on this page, so if you wondered at why some details in his story were so odd/sounded familiar e.g. his specific curse, his ex-gf's name, it's because they're references to the Snow Queen fairy tale, not Snow White :"D)

Nicholl will actually have a route in the full game! He was actually supposed to be a secret 4th route, but we didn't have time for it during the NaNoRenO game jam T_T

And yes, there will be a full version of this game! The full game will be almost 4x as long as this version, with 50k words per route (as compared to 25k atm for each route), and 7 routes in total (compared to 3 right now). The current routes will be almost completely rewritten, with their backstories and a lot of the unanswered questions e.g. Snow's stepmother, the witch, etc. (hopefully fully) explored! If you're curious, we will be posting updates and progress reports on the full game during development on our blog! And don't worry, the full game will be completely free as well. We aren't trying to make money off this; we just want to bring entertainment to people while doing what we love :"D

Thank you once again for all the compliments and kind words, and for (trying so hard to) play our game! LOL Hope you'll enjoy the rest of the game too, and we'll try not to disappoint with the full game in the future!