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Hi, I'm not a game dev and I'll only be playing the games resulting from this jam... because I know nothing about development and nothing about coding, but I'm interest in your idea especially as an ace myself. Or, well, ace-spec. 

I have a few questions that might help you with the characterization: is your protagonist romantic or aromantic? Are they on the "completely asexual" end of the spectrum or do they experience sexual attraction sometimes, or given certain conditions (like with demisexual people they only experience sexual attraction once a strong emotional bond is established)? Since you said every character is going to be ace, I'd personally like it if each one experienced asexuality differently (and there are a lot of variables to pick from: you have aromantic asexuals, heteroromantic asexuals, homoromantic asexuals, gray-aces, demisexuals, aromantic asexuals... also asexuals with high libido or non-existent libido, asexuals who are sex-repulsed or not, asexuals who just don't care, and these are just variables off the top of my head).

So, if their orientation is a relevant theme in the game, I suggest making yourself questions about how these characters feel about attraction, and since they're all asexuals I imagine their web of relationships would be very different from the kind of relationships we're generally used to (like, more on the platonic side?).
Also, you probably know this but I think it's very important to say that ace people can choose to have sex with someone for reasons outside of attraction, like having a child or making a bond with someone get stronger (given the multiple purposes sex can have, there are just as many reasons why someone would want to have it)...
But other than this, I'd say write the characters like you would any other. In the end, sexuality is only a marginal part of someone's identity and unless you're going to center the narration around it you don't need to worry about it too much.
I really like that the choices will be more about agency than "making the right one", btw! This is gonna be interesting. Hope I didn't say anything superfluous and that I was of help, in any way!


Hey, thank you for taking the time to write down these questions. It's always good to bounce off ideas with someone, so I appreciate it!

So, as currently planned, I'll go with all the named characters being "fully" aromantic and asexual. I've been wanting to write about other ace/aro labels for a while now myself, but for this story, I'm going with this for reasons that are a mix of happenstance and convenience. Huan-Yue (along with one secondary character) is actually an expy heavily based on a character I previously invented for roleplay purposes, and I'm re-using the version of her that was "fully" aro-ace. Based on that, I'm also making Milie the same, because I want to focus on what makes the two main characters different from each other while they share the exact same orientations. For instance, and answering another question at the same time, one difference that will be explored will be their sexual activity.

It's really going to be about how these two very different persons interact, and how they end up connecting and completing each other despite the initial tension between them. It's hard to predict how I'm precisely going to write the details, but I imagine their orientations will be one element among all the things the two characters will exchange about. Both because there's a lot to unpack about the characters besides their orientations, and because I don't want to focus too much on the theme of aceness when I don't think I have first-hand knowledge of it.

(As for why the secondary characters are also "fully" aro-ace, it's happenstance. One is an expy with the same circumstances as Huan-Yue, the other is an android. Also, lately I've been wanting to write a story where "everybody is X". I was initially thinking about "everybody is agender", but as currently planned, this game will do it with two other things instead, including "full" aro-aceness.)

I think this answers the general intent of all the questions?

Ah, that’s cool! Aroace characters are always welcome (I’m aroace myself, after all). But anyway  sure! I mean, it’s your game so ultimately  it’s you who should be satisfied :) i’m very much looking forward to seeing a story focusing on touch... as a bonding experience, I gathered? It’s interesting, so I’ll be waiting for it!