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Hi, I made an account because I absolutely had to thank you for this story.

This week's been a long, heavy depressive mood for me;  it's my first holidays since accepting myself and coming out, and my family hasn't been the most understanding.  I already had Butterfly Soup on my computer thanks to Simone's top 5 on Polygon.  I'm so glad I built up the motivation to read it today.

You had me laughing again in minutes.  It felt magical how much I resonated with your characters, especially Diya.  I've literally done the apple core thing!  I'm not sure how much of Diya's social struggles you attribute to her partial deafness, but for mine it was undiagnosed ADHD.  Difficulties with socializing can really fuck a kid up.

The message at the end really touched me, and as of now I don't feel a hint of depression weighing me down!  So again, thank you for lifting up this gay girl's heart! <3