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If you're running Windows on your laptop, then after you download the zip file, you'll need to run the exe file. I think the file is named KiriBaku.exe. I hope that helps!

actually i read it down below and it says it cant open it? And that the file shouldnt be trusted

Hmm. If your anti-virus is preventing you from opening the file, you might have to disable it or right click the exe file and run it as admin.

Hmm it doesn't give me the option to run it as a administrator but I'll disable my anti-virus program's i have more than one so that may be the problem I'll get back to you on that

It wasnt my security programs. It was the Winzip. I pulled it out of Winzip and put it in my files and deleted Winzip and i opened it. Game seems to be working

I'm happy to hear that it worked out for you! 

thank you for the help i loved the game! And i almost got all the achievements as well! Great job on your work!

it couldnt execute the action and it suggests that the file is missing??

i still havent gotten anything from the game. I guess its a file error