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Do you make this on unity? How you make this beauty shadows, when i try i got ugly:(

Yes, it is indeed built on Unity. I used very nearly the default soft shadow settings - the only changes I made were to decrease the shadow strength to 0.72 so they're a bit more transparent and increase the intensity of the light to 3.2 (my normal mapped materials were rendering darker than I wanted, and in a jam's time constraints it was faster to blow out the light than troubleshoot what was causing this) ;)

It might be because I have a small confined scene with a very shallow depth range, so the shadow map's resolution isn't stretched thin across a huge volume. I also have relatively few curved or thin pointy shapes to reveal jaggies from aliasing, and the camera rarely gets super close to a surface without the depth of field blurring away artifacts that might otherwise be visible.

If you're having trouble in your Unity project, you can often get good advice over at - just be sure to ask a clear and specific question, including a description of what you've tried, examples of the results, and a clear indication of what bits you want to change/improve.

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Thanks for the answer, this is good info. My english bad so if not hard try help with this...

What scale you use?

I want realistic domino physics so if domino scale (1 2 0.25) i get good shadows but slow falling, and (0.1 0.2 0.025) bad shadows and good fast falling.

I think solution to speedup rigidbody for scale (1 2 0.25) right?

Well, I won't give you all the info you'd need to clone my game. ;)

When making your own original game, there are going to be some judgement calls you need to make for yourself, including things like what unit scale and physics behaviour feels right to you.

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Noo when i first time imagine my game visual stage same with your game. But another gameplay. First i make gameplay prototype but when try to make visual stage i got stuck for week and a lot assfire:D Thanks