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Well tried of finding all keys?
So here is cheat to directly start at the Dark Realm

In ya file browser go into DarkForest_Data/

There are the following files:

Dark Forst
level2Dark Realm

swap level1 <-> level2 and you'll directly start in the Dark Realm

  1. Rename level1  to level1_tmp
  2. Rename level2 to level1
  3. Rename level1_tmp  to level2

Another nice configuration is to just 'rotate' the whole thing:

So it'll look like this:

level0Dark Forst
level1 Dark Realm

  1. Rename level0  => level0_tmp
  2. Rename level1  => level0
  3. Rename level2  => level1
  4. Rename level0_tmp  to level2

=> Like this you'll start in Dark Forest.
      Just manage to die there and you'll fall into the Dark Realm. :^)
      To go back into the Dark Forest press ESC and Quit to Menu

To turn of the background music in the Dark Realm just rename or delete the file sharedassets2.resource

In Dark Realm  kill 3 skulls in a row  to earn a fire arrow.   
Now shoot that fire arrow at the gold weakpoint at the back of the mega skull.