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You know what. I have seen plenty of pirate games around, but to be honest, no game that I have found really compares to Pirates of The Caribbean. The game was awesome. The things you could do in the game, the way the game worked, the graphics for it's time, how it all fitted together was just amazing and so far I have found no game like this. Fair enough there are similar games that allow you to do similar things, but POTC really stood out and I hope New Horizons will make it stand out even more, especially with more things to do, graphics, etc. The game looks nice so far, amazing and I can't wait for the final product. Good luck. 


The game would be awesome if it weren't for all the out of place trash left by Bethesda SW when they converted Akella's game to Disney and filled it with so much garbage intended to interest the target community of 10 yr-olds that they completely trashed the heart of the game.  It is so unstable that you have to save at every step, every change of scene, and even then it is sometimes rigged, or scripted, so that you cannot save and end up playing the same scenario over and over and over... ad nausea.  Gimmicks constantly interfere with a rational simulation of the era.  People at Pirates Ahoy! don't even play the New Horizons they are using the engine to create their own scenarios so they don't have to deal with all the Disney trash and instability.  Program crashes for no reason, something in the background hangs when you try to end the game and can result in a blue-screen crash... haven't seen those since Win95!(  Ships fire broadsides into cliffs since no one worked out the simple spatial relationships constricted by the landscape superimposed on the playing field.  When you try to voice opinions on these problems as issues that really need fixing they get really pissy and are so immature they block any criticism.  I doubt this game will ever be stable and a clean role-play era simulation based on C.S. Forester's novels... about the best historian of the period.