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I'm so stoked about this game and the Kickstarter Campaign as a whole. Music is great and the charts are challenging, but definitely accomplish-able with practice (and not just raw memorization.) If the full game plays like this, this will end up being the most satisfied with a Kickstarter I've ever been!

There's a few bugs (right now the train section gets stuck) so I've mainly been just grinding songs and not worrying about the story.

A few minor areas of feedback:

  •  When I finish a song I'd like to be able to dive back into it right away. Whether that's with a retry option on the score screen or if I get dropped back onto that song on the track select, either would work for me.
      • I also wish it remembered your song modifiers from song to song. Like, if I selected unbeatable and and am cycling between songs, it would be nice to remember that. Same for things like double-time or the scroll speed so I don't have to go into those modifiers for every song I play.
      • The Field of View when it zooms out to both sides makes things a lot harder. For most of the songs that's part of the challenge, but it can be really frustrating when dealing with the vanishing notes on unbeatable tracks as they have sometimes already vanished by the time they even arrive on the screen, so you're just mashing or seeing "miss" and no notes are displayed on the screen.