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have you tried to ask people on the unity page about it? I personally havent experinced this but i use windows 64x (not pro)

It's gotta be something to do with my computer, some Setting or something because it works fine on my Laptop, unfortunately on the laptop I don't have enough RAM or Processor to be able to play the game and record it.  and low frame rate because the laptop is old.  otherwise I would just use AVERmedia capture Card and play it on the laptop and record it with my Gaming PC.. Still have not figured this issue out.  

I could only get it to work on Steam.  The Stand alone game will not let me look around, I am not sure why this is, but I did go talk to them on the Unity forum, no response there.  It was as if though I was not being understood or something.  Also it seemed like they thought I was a game developer, not a player.  I clarified, but the response was not helpful in any way.