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Innersloth I love among us like love it but I want to make some updates I wanted to share first I want it to be more realistic a bit next I want players to be able to do other tasks so they can help their friends and also I want in the airship when there is a meeting you can sit on the chair's  and also I have been thinking of a new way y how to chat it's called only chat you can talk to the players you want to talk to. Also anybody can drive the space ship like the skeld you can drive it do mira plus and anywhere and also some tools and all players can see their own hands and a new map again it's a school map also I want to add special ccc agents to see if any one in among us is cheating and the new edition is Christmas edition Easter edition new clothes and new roles so it can feel I just want to say I would love if you added my ideas please love number 1 among us lover.

Ps no one loves among us more than I do

Please , Innersloth , do it !