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Hi Brian, thanks for your bug report!

I haven't yet been able to reproduce this... There used to be a bug where if COIN made a capture, it could continue making (forced) captures with other pieces, however that has been addressed in v0.6. (As I understand the rules, COIN can only move the SAME piece multiple times in a turn as long as it keeps capturing.)

If possible, can you comment on the circumstance when this COIN double moves occur? Does this always happen for you or only rarely? Does it (only) happen when a capture was made? Does it happen with all AI levels?

I've played one game with the AI as COIN, on Level 2 IIRC.

It happened when COIN started to capture; one COIN piece would make captures, then another one would start capturing. 

Seemed to be limited to 2 COIN pieces (IIRC again); I'm not sure if it happened every time it was possible. 

You understand the rules of the game correctly: only one COIN piece moves, and if it starts capturing it must continue to capture (though the path the pieces takes is up to the player; there is no requirement to take the largest number possible).

Thanks for the details, the issue has now been resolved in version 0.7 (famous last words...)