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Alright review time

I sometimes go to the "latest games", and I just play whatever free game I happen to see. I normally find some pretty bad games, some are slightly better than bad, but I have not found a good game.
This is great!

First things first, my complaints
I don't like the way the attacks look when they overlap while they are not dealing damage(i call that anticipating). You are changing the alpha, which by itself is fine, but when the attacks overlap, it doesn't look very good imo. My solution would be to change its color instead or maybe apply some dithering.
There aren't many indicators. When an attack is about to spin, please have an indicator of which direction it is going. 
The attacks still hit, even when they aren't there. When the attacks fade away, even though they are nearly invisible I would still get hit. I get that there is an outline, but that is not what I'm paying attention to when I'm trying to survive. As soon as something starts fading away, it shouldn't do damage anymore. Also, sometimes an anticipating block would stop on me, and immediately start attacking. I had no time to react to it... 
Finally, the instant kill attack is cheap.

Now for things I like!
I love the way the enemy colors contrast the player's colors, that is a nice touch.
These particles look so great! The way the background particles move away from the boss emphasizes the circle.
I'm really happy with how forgiving the player's hitbox is. Most people just make it as large as possible lol
I like the way the game slows down when you change direction, and speeds up the less you turn. It helps new players trying to stay in one place, and for more experienced players, they will try to hold a direction as long as possible to beat the boss faster! 
I love the way the music is timed with the first attack. It teaches you how attacks and damage work, in just a second.

4/5, very well done, I can't wait to see what comes out of this.

New complaint: I beat the game and unlocked dashing, but I can't go back to normal. :/