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Such a wonderful kinetic novel! I'm not much of a fan of kinetic novels, but this one really nailed it home to me. It bundled up all the things I love- fantasy, yuri, emotion, and combat into one short but wonderful story. I loved it lots- and I'd really recommend anyone to give it a try.

I loved the music choice, which, while the transition between each track wasn't perfect, it still helped convey the sort of emotions you were supposed to feel during each scene. It's hard to make me cry, but somehow the ending really managed to make me do so.

The art is also beautiful, and it's hard to see how such good art could be produced within the short timespan that the Yuri Jam allows for.

If these authors make any more visual novels or such with yuri content, I'd definitely want to see them. This was a wonderful eye-opening experience that I really loved, and to this day I'm still occasionally replaying certain scenes just to relive said experience.

In the end, thank you, developers of To Libertad, for making such a masterpiece! It'll be in my heart for years to come!