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Also --  "There are more rules to how this final showdown works" -- here's the analysis. I'm actually really pleased with the way it worked out, because it created exactly one of those dilemmas I've tried to balance the game to generate ...

Eryn drew 3 of Hearts, 10 of Diamonds, 6 of Spades.

1) Eryn has SPIRIT plenty to cover Hearts.

2) Arguably losing Nikolai counts as reducing a challenge by 2 - so by burning TECH 4 the Spades aspect is completed too.

3) So there's just the big GUILE shortfall of 6 ... 

The Semee Minnow could knock another 2 or 3 points off by taking some more damage. I can't remember how badly beat up the boat was by the end ... if it was totally undamaged it could knock off a full 5 points. But that still means at least one crew member (more likely two) would have to be sacrificed for a full win.

Sacrificing a crew member reduces the challenge by 2 and it can mean many different things in story terms. Often it may mean a crew member gets killed, but it doesn't *have* to mean that.

Instead Eryn judiciously chose to wrap it up with a mixed success / failure, rather than lose crew members. Completely valid, library in flames but not totally engulfed, Abe and Justine totally making out, etc. Great ending!