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I'm not going to write a detailed point by point response, because of course that first post took long enough and I don't want a competition of who can produce the biggest wall of text. I'm sure we both have better things to do during weekdays.

My post was part taking the piss and part serious, you say it's just a simple browser game, but it's a simple game pushing an ideology that killed one hundred million people and counting. People make a big deal about Hitler, Hitler had nothing on Stalin and Mao in terms of death count and crimes against humanity. Kind of puts the whole thing under a malicious light. We wouldn't exactly give a National Socialist simulator the benefit of a doubt, especially when miraculously everything turns out so rosy... according to it.

Here we are in the 21st century and we still don't have a single sample of Socialism in the wild that hasn't turned horrible, yet for whatever reason this is an ideology that refuses to die. No matter how self evidently wealthy and successful the Western world becomes, no matter how many dictators suddenly insert themselves into what was once considered good examples of Socialism, it doesn't stop the people in these comments down rating anything that doesn't speak highly of it.

I think part of the problem is people want perfection, despite that being a fiction. 2017 Capitalism is superior to 1917 Capitalism for the vast majority of people,  so a process of continuous improvement is taking place. Yet, people demand perfection and their on paper fantasy land utopia is going to beat anything in the real world hands down. Just ignore all the failed Socialist states in the real world, because that wasn't "real" Socialism anyway...

People see Capitalism isn't perfect, but rather than try to improve a system that has consistently demonstrated itself to work; they want to scrap it and give Socialism another go... a system that has consistently never worked.

So I'm not going to give a token pat on the head to a non-game, promoting an abhorrent ideology. It's not cute, it's not innocent, this is how propaganda works. It's subtle and retrains people to think differently about the world. People are sat in their safe cosy societies, enabled by market forces, humouring a system that would see most of them turned into slaves. All because most of them don't understand why things are the way they are, think it's unfair, and become vulnerable to the snake oil salesmen promising them utopia.

Socialists don't get to complain about injustices, they have way too much blood on their hands to gain any moral high ground. People today don't know how good they have it.

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What really makes me an annoyed dragon, is when people associate genocides committed by totalitarian communist governments, with socialist economic policies (particularly if you act like capitalism hasn't cost any lives). To go on to say that 2017 capitalism is better than 1917 capitalism (ignoring that the reason there are sometimes better outcomes than in the Gilded Age is because those have been forced by "big government" regulations for the public good - which is basically the antithesis of capitalism), and then fail to provide that 2017 socialism / or democratic socialism / or social democracy is better than 1947 totalitarian communism is just a bit of a disingenuous argument... particularly leaving off repeatedly that totalitarian communism is not the same thing at all. Hey, some of those countries had "socialist" in their names, so that's what socialism is right? Just like how the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a shining example of a democratic republic? Any criticism of representative democracies like parliamentary systems or the U.S. republic can fairly include the worst practices of the DPRK and assign them to all those other governments, for the sake of argument, because that's what a democratic republic is, right? It's right there in the name. (sarcasm, it's not just for the kids)

Here's my problem with your comment: this game isn't suggesting a government. It's criticizing what we all know is wrong. It's suggesting alternatives to those things, and showing the possibilities of a world with some of those things changed. It's not suggesting exactly how to implement the changes, and... no, I didn't notice in there anywhere, this game suggesting any genocide.

It would be nice if our food supply were better set up so that we didn't throw away so much while so many go hungry. It would be nice if companies took their own risks instead of gambling with the livelihoods of workers who just need to get by. It would be nice if the rent weren't so damn high. It would be nice if people who need work could get some, but if anyone who works for a living didn't have to spend their whole life on a paycheck as a lot of people do. It would be nice if education and health care were considered rights rather than luxuries. And it would be nice if we weren't trashing the planet. There are ways to address problems like these, and there's a way of looking at the world that doesn't require them to exist.

Being terrified that any and every criticism of capitalism will inevitably lead us to the genocide of millions is not only counter-productive, and exactly the attitude that keeps "capitalists" in control (by which I mean the rich beneficiaries, not the poor believers), it's also supremely unimaginative. There's no one model for a post-capitalist society, and there's no one way to imagine the world being a better place.

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