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woo boy, where can I start with this game? 

first of all, the soundtrack is frickin AMAZING. just, I love it.

second of all, I love the way you introduce space and nil and even time. and  how as the story continues, it makes the player realize that nil isn't the bad guy, like it seemed at the start, and that her dark color pallet doesn't mean she's bad.

third of all, the art work for this game is amazing. the characters look cute and complex, and the backgrounds are beautiful. 

fourth of all, the ends are so cool, and the way that if you get nil's ending or space's ending's, how they ask if you're really gonna reset and they say how they don't wanna loose you and time knows how something is missing (and nil's reaction is my constant mood tbh)

fifth of all, this game provokes so much emotion and can get you attached to the characters in seconds flat,,, it's amazing 

(I was gonna say "sixth of all its really gay and I love it" but I stopped myself lmao)